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The Therapist

Nora Eldridge LMT

I graduated from the Swedish Institute School of Massage Therapy in 1992. I have been in practice in Fredericksburg, VA since 1993. I am licensed in Virginia as well as New York.

In addition to Swedish massage, Shiatsu and medical massage learned in school, I have taken continuing education classes in the following modalities/techniques: pregnancy massage, infant massage, reflexology, Reiki, relaxation and pain relief techniques, massage for cancer patients and massage for incest and abuse survivors.

My philosophy of staying healthy is simple: "It takes less effort to retain your health than it takes to regain it." Healthy eating habits, exercise, positive relationships, a positive attitude and regular massage all contribute to keeping you well and active.

We live in an extremely stressful society. A regular schedule of massage can greatly help alleviate that stress, which more and more is being linked to a wide variety of conditions. Unrelieved stress sets up a negative imbalance and environment in your body. These cause stress hormones and other toxic chemical messengers to be released. These substances affect every cell in your body, which can contribute to developing unwanted conditions. Regular massage not only helps correct this imbalance, but releases endorphins in your brain that help you relax, sleep better, gives you improved digestion and increased energy. All great reasons to book a session right now!

It is important to keep in mind that massage therapy can help many conditions in many ways, but the appropriate health care professional should be consulted for anything outside the scope of massage therapy. Holistic health practitioners can work along with allopathic doctors in helping you restore your health.